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Thomas Lowry

Apologies for the great long delays between these pages. I've been busy, and fenko has been waiting on me for these before she gets going.

Tonight I'm going to write about Lowry, my primary in this story.


Name: Thomas Lowry
Age: Around 25
Height: 6'2" (around 188cm)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Appearance: Tall and gaunt, reminiscent of Max Schrek in some ways. Doesn't look too healthy, and he isn't, but his diet is almost an act of self-punishment so he isn't overweight. His skin looks weathered and he has more lines on his face than a man his age should have. Large quantity of gray hair, but you'd have to look close to find it, and he keeps his hair short for the principle of the thing.
Diet: Abusive. Subsists far too much on pea soup, cigarettes and cheap booze. And Indian take-out.


Lowry has a penchant for black, but regular workman's black, not ubergoth. He's fond of suits, usually dressed over with a dark overcoat or trenchcoat, and frequently wears a bowler hat. He wears the priest collar most times, but is more infrequent with crosses or other articles.


Lowry is the head of the exorcism department at the Catholic Diocese in Westminster, London. In fact, he is its only member. Given exorcism's modern-day reputation as an embarrassment of the sect (although it did see a spike in popularity after the release of a certain film), the department is underfunded and mostly ignored, meaning Lowry has to get very creative on cases.

Most instances of possession Lowry is called in to tend to are not real, and in many cases Lowry either refers the distraught family to some colleagues in whatever appropriate medical field or just refuses to help, or tries to refuse. In the end, a person in need is a person in need, and Lowry has done the best he can serving as low-budget unlicensed doctor or psychiatrist, including the rather illegal administering of prescription drugs as needed.

Occasionally, though, a real case of demons will turn up, and Lowry pulls out entirely different tactics. Catholicism prescribes the use of passages from the Roman Ritual to exorcise and banish the malignant spirit (it should be noted that "exorcism" means more precisely the act of binding the demon under contract or control, so that the priest can expel it from the host's body). This seldom proves enough in a multicultural society. Lowry frequently utilizes the exorcism techniques of other religions and beliefs, sometimes mixing and matching or inventing his own.


Lowry's standard equipment that he carries everywhere consists of an old battered briefcase, dressed with a crudely painted cross, holding a Catholic Bible, the Roman Ritual, Buddhist and Hindu banishment sutras and charms, a cross (silver, blessed), two pentacles (one regular, one inverted), two small bottles of holy water, Celtic athame, various stones, a generic (unpersonified) voodoo doll with pins, pocket knife, stop watch, hand towel, and aspirin.

Other equipment, including specialty garments, he brings along as the case and rituals dictate.

One other article of interest is Lowry's gun. Guns are banned in Britain; even policemen do not carry them. Lowry imported his through very illegal and secret means such that even the Vatican could not own up to. The gun comes with sanctified silver bullets, and is generally not employed on cases, except for werewolves (which DO pop up here and there, eating poor American tourists and so on...).

Powers and Background

Since a child Lowry had been seen as a very serious and influential person, such that most would try to avoid contact with him so that they would not be inadvertedly swayed to his point of view. Later in seminary school, Lowry continued to demonstrate exemplary skill in intimidation, persuasion, and in what could only be called a holy gift. Many priests boasted about their powers to heal the sick and relieve the minds of the troubled but Lowry could actually do it, nearly without trying.

Lowry fit in naturally as an exorcist. It allowed the other priests to keep far away from his frightening character, and it kept him occupied in a line of work he did well at. Whether drawing from the approved Catholic methods or from any number of "unofficial" ritual techniques, Lowry was able to will the subject as intended.

Problem was? It shouldn't be.

It's one thing to use the official Christian exorcism methods and have it work. You are directly invoking the Christian God and/or Jesus Christ and sending it after a demon, and logically using any other method to invoke any other force should fail (in our worldview, since we are taking this from Good Omens, remember). And for any other priest, not only would all those other techniques fail, they'd be hard pressed to get the Catholic methods to work either. They're just words, no holy intervention at all, despite what humans would love to believe.

So why does Lowry meet with success? He isn't completely human.

To explain this let's back up several thousand years to the time of Noah. According to Bible lore, this was a time when humanity lived in much closer relation to divinity, in part through the Grigori, the Watchers, angels very close to human in a variety of characteristics. The Grigori mingled with humanity and taught them skills, ranging from building to tools to art. But from their close ties to human kind, some got a bit too close, interbreeding with human women to produce the Nephilim, giant half-humans with some of the properties of their immortal parents.

It was this interbreeding that helped prompt God to order Noah to the construction of his Ark, and to flood the rest of the world, to wipe out among various other things these Nephilim.

But even after the flood waters receded and humanity repopulated, the Nephilim kept showing up. And their descendants continued to mix with the human gene pool through the generations, watering down their powers, their abilities, even their gargantuan height.

Lowry is about 95% human, 5% Nephilim. His powers are more meager than the tiniest fledging angel. But it's his power, not the power of God or Satan channelling through him to do his work.

The priest is unaware of this, believing simply that he invokes and God comes and yada yada let's go get coffee. He'd continue not to notice or care, most likely, until Lewis notices something amiss.
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