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Strange Bedfellows: An Exorcist and A Demon

Like Ducks and Merchant Banking

Lewis and Lowry
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This is the writing braindump of fenko and karose for their as-yet untitled Good Omens fan project, detailing the characters Lewis and Lowry. Bios follow:

Thomas Lowry
Species: Nephilim (95% human)
Age: around 25
Height: 6'2" (~188cm)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Occupation: Catholic priest; exorcist
Background: Orphaned at a young age, Lowry was raised by the local Catholic orphanage which later sent him through seminary school, which he finished several years prematurely. Due to exceptional marks in Steeled Resolve and Glowering Intimidation, he was sent to work as apprentice under the head of the understaffed and underfunded Exorcism Department at the Diocese of Westminster in London. Following a freak occurance during a rare case of real demonic possession and his teacher's death, Lowry became the head of the department and refused taking an assistant. It's been a downward spiral since; possession is such a tough-to-handle subject that Lowry has been forced to take up rather unconventional (read: multi-denominational, quite often multicultural and even more frequently extreme) methods.
...And his favorite food is pea soup.

Species: Demon
Age: Quite a few thousand, but physically around 16
Height: 5'6" (170cm)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Red, catslitted and irridescent
Occupation: Upstartish teenager (a full time job!)
Background: If Lewis was a Loki figure, he makes a poor one. A former angel that Fell during the floods --hey, it was the hip thing to do at the time--, Lewis is an energetic, but not particularly dutiful young demon who would, say, sooner steal the inquisitor's whip than get on with a good torture. He has a particular knack of poking his nose where it doesn't belong, and it was for this that Lewis found himself ousted from a nice warm Hell up onto the squealchy wet Earth where people are just convinced he's wearing funny contacts. By drunken accident he runs in with Lowry in a pub, although it's more accurate to say that Lowry ends up dragging the ratarsed demon back to his apartment after passing out on him.
...And so begins a not-quite-beautiful friendship. Well, after a fashion.